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The Department of Fine Arts was founded in 2006 thus being the latest addition to the university. It pooled teachers, who had previously worked in various Art departments and taught major artistic disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic techniques, ceramics, perspective, plastic anatomy and more. The team of teachers to the Department are active in the field of painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design and stage design.

To ensure high quality of the educational process and alternative forms of teaching, the Department draws eminent creators of Bulgarian art recognized both at home and abroad.

Uniqueness of the programs offered is another goal of the department of Fine Arts which makes it stand out among rival universities. Following the best examples of art education in Europe and America, the Department strives to author and develop a variety of modern university programs.


Interdisciplinary in nature, the Department plays the role of a school in respect of fundamental specialized art courses included in the programs of Arts (BA programs Plastic Arts, Design and Architecture, Visual Arts with its Graphic Design and Animation modules, and Theatre with its module Stage Design).


In the academic year 2007/08 the Department started a new bachelor program, Plastic Arts, with modules Painting and Murals, Ceramics and Glass, Graphics and Illustration and a cross-curricular module of Stage Design as well as two graduate programs: Painting and Illustration, and Graphics Technologies.

The Department organizes exhibitions and performances to display the works of its faculty and students, and collaborates with other departments in joint student artistic performances.

Works of art created within the university are regularly displayed at domestic and international exhibitions. Numerous publications in national media testify that events organized by the Department are very well received by the public.



Department Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Kalina Hristova
Building 2, Room 511
tel.: 02/8110 511
e-mail: k_hristova@nbu.bg


Maryana Stoyanova
Building 2, Room 511
Tel.: 02/8110 511, ext. 25111
e-mail: mbstoianova@nbu.bg